Shark Teeth

photo courtesy of Stefan Kuhn

SHARK TEETH are PRACTICAL TOOLS: TIPS & POINTERS that can directly assist entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors in their business and can immediately help improve profits. Both Sharks & Guppies can benefit from some of these tools:

  • FOUNDATIONS OF FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT is a FREE online video course of 16 lessons that can help entrepreneurs immediately by giving you the WHY, the WHAT and the HOW of BUSINESS FINANCE and allows you to apply your knowledge to REAL WORLD business questions. The program can even be customized to your particular situation. In order to swim with the sharks, you must know the way RISK and RETURN works together, to regulate financial markets, and the effect when that relationship breaks down. Just click the link and watch the video in the top right corner below About This Course. It will help you Guppies grow your wisdom tooth quicker and get a set like those beautiful pearly whites above. Necessary tools of the trade for a growing shark like yourself. 
  • BUSINESSDICTIONARY.COM. Search business terms online now.
  • 5 LIFE LESSONS FROM NAPOLEAN HILL'S THINK AND GROW RICH. If you haven't read Think And Grow Rich by Napolean Hill at least once, Then I hope the Shark Tooth Fairy will come knock ALL your teeth out your mouth. Seriously!