Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shark Tank Season Two - Swimming In Money

Come one, come all........

Welcome to Sharktank Millionares Baby! LOL, ....A blog of practical knowledge gained by observing top entrepreneurs, billionaires, and venture capitalist making REAL WORLD investment decisions on reality television. Shark Tank is the BEST REALITY SHOW ever created. What could be better than watching a successful entrepreneur succeed in making real time decisions LIVE as it happens, and hearing every piece of data they used to arrive at those decisions. This is as good as it gets. I hope the show continues to come back season after season without end. This blog will not follow ABC's Shark Tank just for the sake of following the show. This blog will provide TOOLS for both venture capitalist and entrepreneurs to take advantage of in the REAL WORLD while following the show and grading it with a REPORT CARD based on the performance of the investors and the entrepreneurs (sharks and guppies). It will also provide tools for people who would like to start their own business as well, by providing information on everything from FREE ONLINE COURSES to many other very useful resources that can be put to use. Of course we love the show, it's the AMERICAN DREAM in live action, but what could be better than watching the show while being educated in the world of BUSINESS and FINANCE in the process? So regardless if you are a billionaire venture capitalist looking for an tasty investment to sink your teeth into, are an up and coming entrepreneur that's looking for investment resources and funds, or maybe you just like watching Shark Tank singing the lyrics to Travis McCoy's "Billionaire", it doesn't matter, you've come to the right place. Hop on in,........ the waters' fine. If you pay close attention and follow my blog, you just might learn how to invest underwater, and not get wet. But until then, take good notes.

My name is Bieyanka Moore, and MONEY is a dish best eaten RAW! ........ Delicious. (wink)

Stay tuned, ..... Same shark blog, same shark channel.

Keep it locked.

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