Monday, April 25, 2011

Shark Eyes: Conversations With Millionaires by Mike Litman & Jason Oman - Set A Goal To Become A Millionaire

“Set a goal to become a millionaire for what it
makes of you to achieve it.”
He said, “Do it for the skills you have to learn and
the person you have to become. Do it for what you’ll
end up knowing about the marketplace, what you’ll
learn about the management of time and working
with people. Do it for the ability of discovering how to
keep your ego in check. For what you have to learn
about being benevolent. Being kind as well as being
strong. What you have to learn about society and
business and government and taxes and becoming
an accomplished person to reach the status of
All that you have learned and all that you’ve
become to reach the status of millionaire is what’s
valuable. Not the million dollars.
If you do it that way, then once you become a
millionaire, you can give all the money away.
Because it’s not the money that’s really important.
What’s important is the person you have become.
That was one of the best pieces of philosophy I
have ever heard in my life.
Nobody ever shared it with me like that before.
Another thing he said was, “beware of what you
become in pursuit of what you want. Don’t sell out.
Don’t sell out your principles. Don’t compromise your
values. Because you might acquire something by
doing so, but it won’t taste good.”
- Mark Victor Hanson

Excerpt taken from Conversations With Millionaires by Mike Litman and Jason Oman

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